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Isbn: 978-91-9883-726-1
Publisher: Aware Production
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Accessible since: March 2024


The Power of Aware Living

The power to aware living, release your true self invites to self-awareness and increased awareness. 

How do you define a truth? A truth is something we believe is true based on the information that we have available at the moment. We can feel that something is true, without being able to prove it in any way. What we accept as our truth is based on impressions, cultural aspects, upbringing, imprints and on our own experience. We can intellectually believe that something is true because that's how we've been taught, and at the same time we can feel that we still don't really believe it's true, that there should be something else, some other way, something more.

Faith can move mountains, faith can hold us captive, faith can limit us and hold us back. Faith can also break us free from different paradigms. What is true or not, is just a matter of perception. When we change our perception, our truth changes, and thus our life. Life offers us a lot of different experiences, and every day we can choose to change our perception and exchange our limiting truths for more permissive truths. 

Author presentation:

Kia Temmes is, among other things, an inspirer, mentor, coach and author with extensive experience in various ways of helping people to increase their awareness. Kia has written and produced several guided meditations and guided bedtime stories for children. She has a long experience of working with people, both in groups and individually. Kia streams live on YouTube with the video blog; Live Consciously, a curious exploration, where she explores insights and experiences in curious conversations with various guests.

Kia is all this and much more, but above all she is human, creator and a enjoyer of life who sees opportunities everywhere. With a big heart and a high presence, she is passionate about helping people to a richer soul life through increased awareness. 

“Among the best things I know is to see how people transform and how their eyes

begin to shine when they gain an insight that leads to increased awareness.”


Target group: The one who are curious, want to increase your awareness and find the meaning of life.

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