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Cover for Germinal


'Germinal', often considered Zola’s masterpiece, tells the story of Etienne Lantier, a bright however uneducated young man with a volatile temperament who has just lost his job as ...

Cover for The Deputy of Arcis

The Deputy of Arcis

Due to Balzac’s death in 1850, 'The Deputy of Arcis' was left incomplete at its most compelling moment. A political satire criticizing the electoral system, taking place in the pro ...

Cover for A Faint Heart

A Faint Heart

‘A Faint Heart’ is one of Dostoevsky’s earliest short stories and it focuses on the tragedy of Vasya Shumkov, a passionate but naïve young man. The tale begins with Vasya informing ...

Cover for The Question Of Latin

The Question Of Latin

"The Question of Latin" follows the narrator and his memories of the olden days, when Father Piquedent used to teach him Latin. The two become friends, but soon the teacher reveals ...

Cover for The Moribund

The Moribund

A farmer's father is on his deathbed the day before the harvest. A local priest is summoned, and funeral preparations begin. The funeral feast is cut short when the dying man appea ...

Cover for The Parrot

The Parrot

A drunkard and a brute, Patin's marriage to Désireé is an unhappy one. He leaves to go fishing one night during a terrible storm, and never returns. Désireé is convinced he has som ...

Cover for The Mustache

The Mustache

When Jeanne’s husband shaves off his mustache, she sees it as a vile, rebellious act committed specifically to upset her, and becomes impatient to embark on a journey of praising i ...

Cover for The Orphan

The Orphan

Money gets you everywhere, it can even buy happiness - if you have enough. It is a fragile thing, though, and you must be careful what you do with it. When Mademoiselle Source, a w ...

Cover for The Mountain Pool

The Mountain Pool

An aristocratic lady travels alone to picturesque Monaco, expecting a peaceful vacation. It turns into a place of horror for the woman, however, as she experiences something unspea ...

Cover for The Farmer's Wife

The Farmer's Wife

On their trip to a Norman hunting ground, our narrator and Baron Rene du Treilles encounter a local farmer. His apparent devotion to the baron shocks the narrator. As they retire f ...

Cover for The Father

The Father

Francois is a lonely and mediocre man. He rides the horse-drawn cart every day and regularly sees an attractive girl riding with him. They begin to get to know each other, go out, ...

Cover for The Penguins' Rock

The Penguins' Rock

A group of old friends gathers for their annual hunting rendezvous on the coast of Normandy. Time may have passed, but their passion remains strong. One of them arrives dressed in ...

Cover for The Patron

The Patron

Jean Marin has always been diligent. Not just in his studies but in his job as a handyman too. He is by no means used to luxury. When he lands a government job, it's like a dream c ...

Cover for Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas

Mother-of-three Emelie is in a tough spot in life. Since the father of her children moved out, she has struggled to make ends meet. Budgets are tight, work is boring and she's relu ...

Cover for Oletko sinäkin lemmensairas?

Oletko sinäkin lemmensairas?

Marjan elämässä on viime aikoina mennyt kaikki päin prinkkalaa. Avioliittosuunnitelmat oli laitettava jäihin, kun Marja näki sulhasensa toisen naisen kanssa. Eikä kyse ollut mistää ...

Cover for Mer jul i Snowdonia

Mer jul i Snowdonia

Det börjar verkligen dra ihop sig i walesiska Snowdonia. Julen är återigen på ingång och i den lilla byn Bach Tref Môr har Hollys pub, Harpan och grisen, äntligen börjat gå med vin ...

Cover for Innan juldagsmorgon glimmar

Innan juldagsmorgon glimmar

I hela Ellas tjugofyraåriga liv har det varit hon och hennes pappa Artur. Men när han drabbades av Alzheimers förändrades allt och Ella har ägnat de senaste åren åt att ta hand om ...

Cover for Sockersöta lögner

Sockersöta lögner

Sockersöta lögner är den romantiska uppföljaren till Sju sorters kyssar. En rolig berättelse om ärlighet, känslor – och sötsaker.Det är snart jul igen och Kafé Sött & Salt i Helsin ...

Cover for Kärleksrutten - Irland

Kärleksrutten - Irland

Äntligen ska Louisa få träffa sin älskade Ben igen! Ett drygt halvår har gått sedan hon och Hollywoodstjärnan föll handlöst för varandra i Nya Zeeland. När det sedan bestämdes att ...

Cover for December med dig

December med dig

Mimmi kämpar med att gå vidare efter uppbrottet med Klara, men det är lättare sagt än gjort i en by där rykten färdas snabbt. En snöig vinterdag i november springer hon in i Patrik ...

Cover for Novel in Nine Letters

Novel in Nine Letters

‘Novel in Nine Letters’ is an incredibly inventive short story by Dostoevsky about a comical miscommunication between two friends. The story unfolds through letters as we learn tha ...

Cover for A Nasty Story

A Nasty Story

‘A Nasty Story’ is a hilarious look into the world of humanitarian high society by Dostoevsky. This farcical story revolves around Pralinski, a kind-hearted aristocrat, who decides ...

Cover for The Eternal Husband

The Eternal Husband

‘The Eternal Husband’ is a tragicomic novella by Fyodor Dostoevsky about Trusotsky, a widower who discovers that his wife had an affair with an old friend, Velchaninov. The story f ...

Cover for Anyuta


‘Anyuta’ is a short story that portrays the key aspects of Chekhov’s writings: dry humour, disillusionment, and a realistic depiction of social issues. The story revolves around An ...

Cover for The Rabbit

The Rabbit

Someone has stolen a big grey rabbit from under the mayor’s nose, and suspicion immediately falls on the loafer Polyte. Mayor Lecacheur immediately sends the gendarmes to find the ...