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Cover for Senator North

Senator North

Independent and beautiful, when young Betty Madison encounters politicians including the rising star Senator North, she makes quite an impression. Despite her restless nature, Bett ...

Cover for Esmeralda


Esmeralda Rogers is a simple farm girl in North Carolina in love with her neighbour David. But when the discovery of iron ore on their farm suddenly makes the family wealthy, Esmer ...

Cover for A Fair Barbarian

A Fair Barbarian

American heiress Octavia Bassett arrives in a sleepy English town to visit her aunt Belinda. She’s extremely wealthy, privileged and independent, which doesn’t go over well with th ...

Cover for Emily Fox-Seton

Emily Fox-Seton

Emily Fox-Seton is a well-bred but penniless lady who works for the selfish Lady Maria Bayne. At 34, she knows she is unlikely to marry, and her prospects are bleak. Despite that, ...

Cover for The Curious Quest

The Curious Quest

Rich, pampered and obnoxious Ernest Bliss is making himself ill through his hard partying lifestyle. When a doctor refuses to treat him Bliss’s vanity is offended, and he makes a w ...

Cover for Jultrubbel i Snowdonia

Jultrubbel i Snowdonia

Det närmar sig advent och tre väldigt olika personer flyttar hastigt till en liten by i Snowdonia. En bedagad skådespelerska, Chloe, sörjer ett tragiskt dödsfall. Holly, en ung kvi ...

Cover for Häpeä


Jo kihloissa Tuomasta askarruttaa, onko Annan katse täysin kirkas. Rakastaako tämä yksin ja ainoastaan häntä? Myös Topias Isotalon sanotaan vokotelleen Annaa. Pappi lausuu aamenen, ...

Cover for Othello


Beginning in the streets of Venice, Roderigo and Iago are introduced in the heart of an argument.Iago is frantic as he has been disregarded for promotion and plots to take revenge ...

Cover for Enoch Strone

Enoch Strone

A true Victorian romance, ‘Enoch Strone’ from author E. Phillips Oppenheim, follows the fortunes of lonely engineer Enoch Strone. Caught in a love-triangle between the poor but lov ...

Cover for False Evidence

False Evidence

Soldier Herbert Devereux is dismissed and disowned after deserting his post to rescue his half-brother Rupert in the heat of battle. Court-martialled, banished and in disgrace, Her ...

Cover for The Yellow House

The Yellow House

Also published under the title ‘As a Man Lives’, ‘The Yellow House’ is an E. Phillips Oppenheim tale packed full of his trademark mystery and suspense. The story is narrated by our ...

Cover for Robolove 1 - Operation Iron Heart

Robolove 1 - Operation Iron Heart

Chicago 2056. Marci, a young housemaid, is in despair. Her husband has disappeared without a trace and she doesn't know how she and her two boys can get through in the slums.Meanwh ...

Cover for The Prophet's Mantle

The Prophet's Mantle

If you are looking for a great combination of romance and thriller, look no further.This exhilarating crime and romance novel takes place in a Victorian society and uncovers a tale ...

Cover for Le Mère Bauche

Le Mère Bauche

An Innkeeper in the Eastern Pyrenees, La Mère Bauche has lofty ambitions for her only son Adolphe. When she discovers that Adolphe and her ward, the adopted orphan girl Marie Calve ...

Cover for A Lady of Quality

A Lady of Quality

Clorinda’s mother dies giving birth to her, and she grows up mostly raised by servants. Her absentee father eventually takes a shine to her at a young age, and she becomes a spoile ...

Cover for Robin


"Robin" is a romantic drama set in England during World War II. By a chance encounter in the garden, young Robin meets the boy of her dreams, Donal, but their love is not meant to ...

Cover for His Grace of Osmonde

His Grace of Osmonde

Lord Osmonde has everything he could possibly want. He is wealthy, gracious, kind and handsome. The only thing missing is a wife.But one day he sets his eyes on the unruly and tomb ...

Cover for Louisiana


Olivia Ferrol is a sophisticated and wealthy New Yorker, while Louisiana (Louise) Rogers is a simple country girl. They meet at the Oakdale Springs resort in North Carolina, a heal ...

Cover for To Win the Love He Sought

To Win the Love He Sought

Wealthy young Lord Geoffrey St. Maurice has fallen in love with the beautiful Italian songstress Adrienne Cartuccio. He has a rival for her love however in the form of Count Leonar ...

Cover for The Postmaster of Market Deignton

The Postmaster of Market Deignton

One of author E. Phillips Oppenheim’s earlier novels, ‘The Postmaster of Deignton’ is a mysterious whodunnit. Young doctor Norman Scott is treating Lord Humphrey Deignton for gout ...

Cover for The Hillman

The Hillman

When beautiful actress Louise Maurel’s car breaks down in the middle of the countryside she is fortunate to find herself in the vicinity of the home of the Strangeways brothers. Th ...

Cover for The Minister's Wooing

The Minister's Wooing

Looking for a great love story? You have found it! This novel is told as both a sentimental romance and a humorous piece of historical fiction.Taking place in Rhode Island the stor ...

Cover for The Portrait of a Lady

The Portrait of a Lady

Isabel Archer, a beautiful and adventurous young American woman, has been brought to Europe by her Aunt, Mrs Touchett, hoping to find a future husband for her niece. When Isabel tu ...

Cover for Mrs Dalloway

Mrs Dalloway

"...she always had the feeling that it was very, very dangerous to live even one day." Mrs. Dalloway is busy taking care of the final preparations for her evening party when an old ...

Cover for Luna Benamor

Luna Benamor

First published in 1909, ‘Luna Benamor’ is a collection of short stories by the renowned Spanish author Vicente Blasco Ibáñez. The titular tale tells of an impossible love story be ...