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Cover for The Book of the Hamburgs

The Book of the Hamburgs

Best known as the author of the ‘Wizard of Oz’ series of children’s stories, L. Frank Baum also worked as a poultry farmer before he found literary fame. ‘The Book of the Hamburgs’ ...

Cover for Wings and The Child

Wings and The Child

It is often said that if you want to make the world a better place, start with children!Do you still remember what it was like to be a child? It was frustrating, and you often felt ...

Cover for Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands

Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands

What are your sunny memories? In this book, Stowe shares hers as she goes on a bright trip to Europe, writing about her experiences through journals, diary entries and letters to h ...

Cover for The Life of Charlotte Brontë

The Life of Charlotte Brontë

The biography ‘The Life of Charlotte Brontë’ by her friend and contemporary Elizabeth Gaskell was first published in 1857 to great acclaim and remains a fascinating insight into th ...

Cover for My Memoirs. Volume I

My Memoirs. Volume I

Literary superstar. Revolutionary. Serial philanderer. Alexandre Dumas lived an extraordinary life. Who better to tell his story than the man himself?In this first volume of his me ...

Cover for My Memoirs. Volume II

My Memoirs. Volume II

Alexandre Dumas found his calling in the hustle and bustle of 19th century Paris. Written during the height of his fame, Dumas’ memoirs concentrate on the years before he got his b ...

Cover for Ice Cold Killers - Addicted to Death

Ice Cold Killers - Addicted to Death

What makes a serial killer? There is a huge difference between killers who kill once in the heat of the moment, mass murderers who slaughter many people at once, and serial killers ...

Cover for An Accursed Race

An Accursed Race

A short essay by acclaimed Victorian writer Elizabeth Gaskell, ‘An Accursed Race’ is a study of the plight of the much-persecuted minority group the Cagots. In her essay, Gaskell e ...

Cover for Thackeray


Originally published in 1879 in the first series of 'English Men of Letters', 'Thackeray' by Anthony Trollope is an in depth look at the author William Makepeace Thackeray. The pai ...

Cover for American Men of Mind

American Men of Mind

‘American Men of Mind’ is a captivating exploration of the lives of the most notable intellectual men and women of American history. A collection of short biographies that spans a ...

Cover for American Men of Action

American Men of Action

‘American Men of Action’ is Stevenson’s exploration of the lives of some of the most notable men in American history. From Christopher Columbus to Melvil Dewey, he leaves no stone ...

Cover for In the World, Autobiography Part II

In the World, Autobiography Part II

Published in 1916, ‘In the World’ is the second volume in Maxim Gorky’s autobiography. Gorky demonstrates how his views and opinions were shaped by his life and what he saw around ...

Cover for My Childhood, Autobiography Part I 

My Childhood, Autobiography Part I 

Originally published in 1913, ‘My Childhood’ is the first volume of Maxim Gorky’s autobiography. Orphaned at an early age, Gorky was brought up in his grandparents’ strict househol ...

Cover for The Human Drift and Other Essays

The Human Drift and Other Essays

Just how did we become the dominant species on the planet? Master storyteller Jack London considers the answer in "The Human Drift". Tracing humankind’s journey over the centuries, ...

Cover for The Mirror of the Sea

The Mirror of the Sea

'The Mirror of the Sea' (1906) is a collection of autobiographical essays first published in various magazines between 1904 and 1906.Joseph Conrad lived an exciting and eventful li ...

Cover for Moths of the Limberlost

Moths of the Limberlost

Gene Stratton-Porter was a naturalist and fierce conservationist as well as an author, and one of the areas she held dearest was the Limberlost swamp. Indeed, she spent her income ...

Cover for The Storm

The Storm

"The Storm" (1704) is a founding document of modern journalism. It tells of the events of November 1703, when a hurricane struck Britain. It is composed of verbatim eyewitness acco ...

Cover for The Uncommercial Traveller

The Uncommercial Traveller

"No landlord is my friend and brother, no chambermaid loves me, no waiter worships me, no boots admires and envies me."Let the character of The Uncommercial Traveller take you on a ...

Cover for A Confession

A Confession

"With all my soul I longed to be in a position to join with the people in performing the rites of their faith, but I could not do it. I felt that I would be lying to myself, mockin ...

Cover for A Child's History of England

A Child's History of England

"There were two Popes at this time (as if one were not enough!), and their quarrels involved Europe in a great deal of trouble."If only history could always be this fun! Unlike Sha ...

Cover for American Notes

American Notes

"All that is loathsome, drooping, or decayed is here."In 1842 Dickens sailed to America to observe The New World that held such fascination for the English. He went to magnificent ...

Cover for Sunday Under Three Heads

Sunday Under Three Heads

"Their good humour and delight know no bounds - for it is a delightful morning, all blue over head, and nothing like a cloud in the whole sky."Under the pseudonym of Timothy Sparks ...

Cover for American Notes

American Notes

'In American Notes', the Anglo-Indian Rudyard Kipling visits the USA, and the travel-diary that came out of it offers an interesting view of the America of the 1880's.Kipling affe ...

Cover for My Lady of the Chinese Courtyard

My Lady of the Chinese Courtyard

In "My Lady of the Chinese Courtyard," Elizabeth Cooper offers the reader a translation of two series of letters by Kwei-li, the wife of a high-rank Chinese official.The first seri ...

Cover for Fighting the Flying Circus

Fighting the Flying Circus

"Fighting the Flying Circus" is fighter ace Eddie Rickenbacker WWI memoir. He fought in and eventually became commander of the 94th 'Hat-in-the-Ring' Squadron, which ended the war ...