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Audiobooks / Short stories

Cover for Det rätta att göra

Det rätta att göra

I denna lågmälda men samtidigt ytterst gripande novell, som utsågs som vinnare i Tidningen Skrivas stora novelltävling, möter du Rolf - en ålderstigen man som efter fruns död levt ...

Cover for Vi får väl trösta varandra

Vi får väl trösta varandra

Bland radiolyssnarna är Mark Levengood en älskad röst, och hans Tankar för dagen i P1 citeras såväl på tidningarnas ledarsidor som i dödsannonser. Dock är det livet, inte döden, Ma ...

Cover for Ett landsortssamhälle i chock

Ett landsortssamhälle i chock

Fyra mord som begås under bara några månaders tid chockar den lilla orten Tistedal i sydöstra Norge. Morden är hänsynslösa, och trots stora insatser tar det lång tid innan polisen ...

Cover for SOMNA SKÖNT del 7: Ön


Somna skönt är en serie noveller inlästa av Tomas Bolme som placerar dig i en miljö där du känner dig trygg och avslappnad, där oro och malande tankar glider undan, och där du lätt ...

Cover for SOMNA SKÖNT del 6: Biblioteket

SOMNA SKÖNT del 6: Biblioteket

Somna skönt är en serie noveller inlästa av Tomas Bolme som placerar dig i en miljö där du känner dig trygg och avslappnad, där oro och malande tankar glider undan, och där du lätt ...

Cover for The Dancing Girls

The Dancing Girls

"The Dancing Girls, and Other Stories" contains four short-stories by two-times Pulitzer Prize winner Edna Ferber, written between 1910 and 1919. The title story paints a pictures ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads The White Wolf

B. J. Harrison Reads The White Wolf

One day Krantz comes home to witness his wife being unfaithful to him. In a fit of anger he kills both his wife and her lover, who is also Krantz’s lord. Krantz fears the punishmen ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads The Invisible Eye

B. J. Harrison Reads The Invisible Eye

“The physiognomy of this old woman had struck me more than once: her little green eyes, long, thin nose, the immense bouquets of flowers on her shawl, which must have been at least ...

Cover for The Homely Heroine

The Homely Heroine

"The Homely Heroine" is a short story by American author Edna Ferber. It features a writer whose heroines are generally extremely beautiful. But one day, whilst she is out shopping ...

Cover for Mordvittnets häxkittel

Mordvittnets häxkittel

Den 16 mars 1916 upprördes den svenska allmänheten av en uppseendeväckande nyhet i kvällstidningarna. Där kunde man läsa om ett hemskt mordrama som samma dag vid 12-tiden utspelats ...

Cover for The Naughty Boy

The Naughty Boy

One stormy evening, a kind old poet was resting quietly at home when he heard a knock at his door. When he opened it, he found a handsome young boy, soaking wet, and the good poet ...

Cover for The Travelling Companion

The Travelling Companion

When his father died, young Johannes did not know what to do. He was now all alone in the world and he was inconsolable. With his inheritance, he decided to explore the world and h ...

Cover for The Snow Man

The Snow Man

The snowman had just been born under the eyes and joyful laughter of children. How he loved the cold! His only problem was the shiny ball in the sky that keep looking at him, witho ...

Cover for The Rose Elf

The Rose Elf

In the rose bush in the middle of the garden lived a tiny elf, she was so small that it was impossible to see her with the naked eye. Behind each rose petal hides a room and the el ...

Cover for The Wicked Prince

The Wicked Prince

Once upon a time there was a prince without pity: he wanted to be the strongest and sent armies of soldiers to destroy villages and stop other kings, he even got it into his head t ...

Cover for The Swineherd

The Swineherd

A poor prince with a famous name became infatuated with a princess who was rather spoilt and wanted to marry her. So, he sent her gifts, but the princess was not satisfied and refu ...

Cover for The Nightingale

The Nightingale

A long time ago, the Emperor of China lived in a magnificent palace made of fine china and surrounded by a splendid garden that was so big that even the gardener did not know it al ...

Cover for The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes

There was once a poor little girl called Karen. In summer, she walked barefoot and in winter, she wore clogs that hurt her feet. She had no choice, it was all she had. Dame Shoemak ...

Cover for The Shadow

The Shadow

A scholar from a cold country lived in a hot country, but he found it difficult to adapt to the climate. In the daytime, his shadow became tiny: it really was too hot for him. So, ...

Cover for The Neighbouring Families

The Neighbouring Families

Many families lived close to the pond: the roses, the sparrows and even men. During a family discussion, the little sparrows asked their parents, what is Beauty? A question whose a ...

Cover for The Story of a Mother

The Story of a Mother

A child is gravely ill and his mother has already spent three nights at his bedside. Then, a strange man knocks on the door and she bids him enter to shelter from the cold. But, it ...

Cover for The Happy Family

The Happy Family

Next to a long-abandoned castle, grows a jungle of burdock. Under the great green leaves live two old snails, descended from a long lineage, whose ancestors were served on silver p ...

Cover for The Old Street Lamp

The Old Street Lamp

An old street lamp is at the end of its working life. It has had a long life and lots of people know it. So, friends come to visit on its last night on the job.Hans Christian Ander ...

Cover for The Old House

The Old House

There was once an old house that was so dilapidated that it made the other houses in the street ashamed. But, the little boy who lived opposite liked it a lot and loved looking at ...

Cover for The Shirt Collar

The Shirt Collar

This is the story of a false shirt collar, who, when he was of marriageable age, met a shy garter in the washing. So, he set out on a quest to seduce her, which was not without its ...