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Audiobooks / Crime & Mystery

Cover for Hairpin Bridge

Hairpin Bridge

Three months ago, Lena Nguyen’s estranged twin sister, Cambry, drove to a remote bridge seventy miles outside of Missoula, Montana, and jumped two hundred feet to her death. At lea ...

Cover for The Unbroken

The Unbroken

A gripping, suspenseful thriller from crime writer, Alex Caan, perfect for fans of Judith Cutler, J M Dalgliesh, and Lisa Stone.It was the wedding of the year. Millie Beaumont marr ...

Cover for Unconvicted


In a razor-sharp legal thriller, Jack Kowalski must win two challenging trials to save his reputation and his career.Junior barrister Jack Kowalski is crushed. His client Timothy S ...

Cover for Cut-Throat Defence

Cut-Throat Defence

There is no man richer than a man without a price... Jack Kowalski is a young and newly qualified barrister, who finds himself working on the biggest drugs importation trial ever p ...

Cover for The Man I Married

The Man I Married

An addictive debut psychological thriller for fans of 'The Girl on the Train', Liane Moriarty and Lucy Foley.This is the story of Lucy and Paul. They met. They fell deeply in love. ...

Cover for Black Notice: Episode 1

Black Notice: Episode 1

Elegant, trumpet-like lilies, she thought. But there was something off. Something not right. It was the color. It was strange, sort of pale and flesh-colored...In a sleepy seaside ...

Cover for Black Notice: Episode 2

Black Notice: Episode 2

At a loss to figure out the identity of the Norwegian wetsuit victim, the police send out a notice though Interpol — a black notice. At the same time, it becomes clear that this yo ...

Cover for Black Notice: Episode 3

Black Notice: Episode 3

With the help of a surveillance camera in a French sports equipment shop, investigators manage to identify the wetsuit victims. They turn out to be two, young, Syrian twin sisters ...

Cover for Black Notice: Episode 4

Black Notice: Episode 4

A couple of old yearbooks from a school in a posh suburb north of Copenhagen show a boy who looks eerily similar to the man with the strange eyes. But with the rest of Europe’s pol ...

Cover for Black Notice: Episode 5

Black Notice: Episode 5

When Kathrine is kidnapped, the police quickly arrest a suspect. But when it becomes clear that they’ve got the wrong man, Felix Jørgensen goes after a gynecologist with a suspende ...

Cover for The Camelot Code

The Camelot Code

What if King Arthur was more than a myth? On a starlit summer’s night in the Welsh mountains, an old man is torn from sleep as an ancient prophecy unfolds. On the other side of the ...

Cover for The Quiet People

The Quiet People

Cameron and Lisa Murdoch are successful crime-writers. They have been on the promotional circuit, joking that no one knows how to get away with crime like they do. After all, they ...

Cover for What She Did

What She Did

She’s your best friend. And your worst enemy...A gripping new thriller with a jaw-dropping twist, for fans of B.A. Paris, The Wife Between Us and Gone Girl.BethBeth is running from ...

Cover for You Let Him In

You Let Him In

The second book from J A Andrews, author of Mummy’s Boy. The only thing she was guilty of was trusting him...All Jenny Clifton ever wanted was to be the ideal wife and mother. When ...

Cover for Every Little Secret

Every Little Secret

A gripping, absolutely unputdownable psychological thriller – perfect for fans of K.L. Slater, Shalini Boland and B.A. Paris.It was an ordinary day for Maddy Saunders. Until a knoc ...

Cover for House of Sand

House of Sand

Journalist Angus Logan returns to the island of La Roque, where he grew up as part of the Courvel family. Maurice de Courvel has died under extremely mysterious circumstances. What ...

Cover for The Killing Time

The Killing Time

As tensions simmer in Shanghai, children go missing... Shanghai 1932: Inspector Danilov hasn't recovered from the death of his child... but across a Shanghai riven with communal te ...

Cover for The Turin Shroud Secret

The Turin Shroud Secret

It is the most controversial religious icon in the world. No one knows where it came from. No one knows when it was made. But now, the greatest mystery in religious history holds t ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads The Turn of the Screw

B. J. Harrison Reads The Turn of the Screw

A governess is hired by a bachelor to take care of his nephew and niece. She has barely arrives at the house that she starts seeing ghosts and having other supernatural visions. Sh ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads The Thirty-Nine Steps

B. J. Harrison Reads The Thirty-Nine Steps

After a long stay in South Africa, Richard Hannay arrives back in London just before the outbreak of World War One. There he meets Franklin Scudder, who claims to be investigating ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads Tobin's Palm and The Ransom of Red Chief

B. J. Harrison Reads Tobin's Palm and The Ransom of Red Chief

"Tobin’s Palm" is a story about a young man named Tobin whose love Katie has disappeared. He did everything he could to find her, but she was nowhere to be seen. Heartbroken, Tobin ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads Treasure Island

B. J. Harrison Reads Treasure Island

Jim Hawkins is a young boy who lives at his parents’ inn, near Bristol. After Billy Bones, an old sea captain, mysteriously dies at the inn, Hawkins unlocks his sea chest and finds ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads The Yellow Sign

B. J. Harrison Reads The Yellow Sign

"The Yellow Sign" is considered to be Robert Chambers’ horror masterpiece. He introduces us to Mr. Scott, an artist living in New York City. One day, Scott sees an overweight young ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads The Repairer of Reputations

B. J. Harrison Reads The Repairer of Reputations

Hildred Castaigne is a young man who lives in New York City whose life changes drastically after he falls from his horse and injures his head. Castaigne gets unjustly confined to a ...

Cover for B. J. Harrison Reads The Phantom Rickshaw

B. J. Harrison Reads The Phantom Rickshaw

After a passionate affair with Agnes Keith-Wessington, Jack Pansay wearies of her and becomes engaged to Miss Kitty Mannering. However, Wessington refuses to accept the rejection a ...