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Cover for The Jumpers

The Jumpers

A flea, a grasshopper and a jumping goose entered a competition to see who could jump the highest. Who would win? That is a question that would turn out to be more complicated than ...

Cover for She Was Good for Nothing

She Was Good for Nothing

While the town judge was at his window, the son of the washerwoman passed before him. The judge said him unkind words to him about his mother. She drank to keep warm during the lon ...

Cover for The Last Pearl

The Last Pearl

Everyone was happy: an heir had been born and mother and son were doing well! Almost all the fairies came to offer a gift to the newborn, there was just one missing who should have ...

Cover for In the Uttermost Parts of the Sea

In the Uttermost Parts of the Sea

An expedition was taking place to the other side of the sea: many boats had been sent to the North Pole to explore the sea and the ice. It was winter and over there the days ran in ...

Cover for Ib and Little Christine

Ib and Little Christine

In Gudenau, in the forest of Silkeborg, lived a farmer, Jeppe Jans, and his son, Ib. In winter, when there was nothing to do in the fields, Jeppe Jans made clogs and Ib tried to do ...

Cover for The Bell Deep

The Bell Deep

All the local children knew the river Odense and they all knew about the bell that could be found there. A long time ago, the bell, being tired, had fallen from its beam and had la ...

Cover for The Bottle Neck

The Bottle Neck

In the tallest and poorest house in a very narrow winding street, was an attic with a single window. Behind this window, was a bird in a cage; the state of the house and the cage w ...

Cover for Something


Once upon a time there were five brothers who had arrived at the age where they asked themselves what they would become. Each of the brothers wanted to become "something" and each ...

Cover for The Child in the Grave

The Child in the Grave

He had been ill a long time and God came for him – the parents and sisters of the little four-year-old boy who had died were inconsolable. No chagrin was greater than that of the b ...

Cover for The Beetle

The Beetle

On the day that the emperor’s horse received his golden horseshoes as a reward for his heroic deeds, the beetle who shared his stable was very jealous. The smith refused to make sh ...

Cover for In the Duck Yard

In the Duck Yard

One day a Portuguese duck arrived at the duck house. Some said she came from Spain, but from then on all her descendants were called ‘Portuguese’. Today, there is only one Portugue ...

Cover for Luck May Lie in a Pin

Luck May Lie in a Pin

To every child born, God offers a gift – this gift is not placed in their cradle, but in a secret place, where no one would dream of looking for it. So, this gift can be found in m ...

Cover for The Cripple

The Cripple

Ole and Kristen worked for a lord who was both rich and good. Every year, for Christmas, together with his wife, he welcomed all the poor children of the area to the castle and tre ...

Cover for The Gardener and the Noble Family 

The Gardener and the Noble Family 

Larsen was a very good gardener, but the noble family he served always found fault with the fruit and vegetables he produced in the garden and the vegetable patch or with the flowe ...

Cover for The Great Sea Serpent

The Great Sea Serpent

One sunny day, when a little sea fish was swimming joyfully with his eighteen thousand brothers and sisters, the water was darkened by an enormous eel who came from above and was h ...

Cover for The Most Incredible Thing

The Most Incredible Thing

The princess’s hand in marriage was promised to the man who could accomplish the most incredible thing. He would also receive half of the Kingdom. All the young men, and the not-so ...

Cover for Anne Lisbeth

Anne Lisbeth

Anne Lisbeth was a beautiful young woman, but she gave birth to a repugnantly ugly child. That is why she gave it into the care of the wife of a man who worked in the fields. This ...

Cover for Aunty Toothache

Aunty Toothache

Aunt Mille has always told me that I have the soul of a great poet. I am not sure about this, but I love her so much that I do not dare contradict her. The reason I love her so muc ...

Cover for The Flax

The Flax

The flax is flowering and has a happy future before him. He will grow, be gathered and transformed into beautiful fabric. He is very impatient, but he still has some lessons to lea ...

Cover for A Picture from the Ramparts

A Picture from the Ramparts

In this short tale, Hans Christian Andersen depicts a castle’s ramparts on an autumn day. A bird flies through the prison cell window and softens the heart of the miserable prisone ...

Cover for Five Peas from a Pod

Five Peas from a Pod

There were five peas in a pod: they held their line and waited for the moment to leave. For them, everything was green: they were green and their world, which was limited to their ...

Cover for The Galoshes of Fortune

The Galoshes of Fortune

The Galoshes of Fortune have the power of carrying the person who wears them instantly to any time and place they desire – but is this really a good thing?Hans Christian Andersen ( ...

Cover for Grandmother


Grandmother is old, kind, and she knows many stories. Between the pages of her psalter can be found a pressed withered rose that she often regards with a smile on her lips. Do you ...

Cover for The Elder-Tree Mother

The Elder-Tree Mother

A little boy who had caught a cold after getting his feet wet, drank an elder infusion that his mother had prepared to warm him up and his grandfather told him the story of the Lit ...

Cover for The Fir Tree

The Fir Tree

In the middle of the wood is a little fir tree who thinks of one thing only – growing bigger. He takes no pleasure from life because he always thinks about how he is not as big as ...