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Isbn: 978-28-2117-827-4
Publisher: Saga Egmont
Memoirs & Biography Humour collections & anthologies
Accessible since: October 2022
Narrator: Brad Carty
Length: 16 minutes


100 Quotes by Horacius

‘100 Quotes by Horacius’ is a collection of thoughts and sayings by one of the most famous poets and satirists of Ancient Rome. Shot through with his timeless, pithy humour, you’ll find everything from short one-liners to lengthy quotes, many of which have found their way into the 21st Century. A superb read for those with an interest in the origins of phrases and ancient, philosophical beliefs.

Born Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Horacius (65BC – 8BC) was a Roman satirist and poet. His father was a freed slave who used his wages to pay for Horacius’ education, which eventually saw him study at the Athens Academy. While he was there, Athens fell under the power of Marcus Junius Brutus. Horacius joined Brutus’ army and rose through the ranks to become a military tribune.
However, after Brutus’ defeat, Hoaracius was forced to flee to Italy, before being granted amnesty and became an official treasury, which afforded him the time and money to pursue his literary works.
Among his most important are ‘Odes,’ ‘Satire,’ and ‘Song of the Ages.’ Horacius’ writing is characterised by sharp and witty observations, and he has coined many sayings that are still used today, such as ‘seize the day.’

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