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Cover for Excerpt from Migraine-Free – The cause and cure of one of our most widespread diseases
Isbn: 978-91-9821-517-5
Publisher: MIAB FÖRLAG
Medicine & Health In english
Accessible since: September 2019


Excerpt from Migraine-Free – The cause and cure of one of our most widespread diseases

This is an excerpt from the author’s book in Swedish, published by MIAB 2014.

The attorney Kristina Ahlström and her mother were both afflicted by migraine.They had become symptom-free in August of 1990 and they continue to be helped by a simple method.

The method that helps them was developed by Professor Rodolfo Low and is based on his theory on the cause of migraine. By eating good food at regular intervals they are symptom-free of migraine without any medications whatsoever.


Since the book was published in Swedish in December 2014, several individuals who read it have responded and related how they have been relieved from their migraine by the method. Importantly, the method has no side effects and is harmless. Rather, following the method may have other bonusses. Many reported that they reduced their bodyweight by following the method.

How many patients can be helped by this method? So long as the health care community has not scientifically evaluated the effects of the method we do not know.


 »Finally, a well-written informative book based on life and facts.« Linda, 42

 »Three years ago, I read the book Fri från migrän , and it changed my life. – Today I live without migraine.« Veronica, 48

 »I have lived by the method from the book Fri från migrän since September 2015 and it still works for me.« Maria, 53

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